Sunday, July 18, 2010

Its a CRAZY life....

Seriously, I have hardly had time to breathe let alone blog....because I FINALLY got a job!!!!! When we left California we decided to drive all night. Well, I drove...and Jake slept ;) but we made it home around 10 am. I had a message from my sister in law to call a good friend of the Hamblins because he needed some help in the office. I gave him a call when I got home and started the job AN HOUR later! It was exhausting and I was pretty much sleep walking through out the day. But worth it, I am in love with my new job. Its a breathe of fresh air to actually enjoy going to work. I feel really lucky. And on top of staying super busy there I am still working nights at Wingers. My poor husband, dog, and house have all been neglected this last little while but luckily we are off to Lake Powell in the morning for some much needed R&R! I seriously can't wait....I look forward to this trip all year. It could possibly be the best week out of the year...hands down.

See you when we get back!!