Thursday, February 3, 2011

{The start of 2011}

I think about updating this blog almost daily but never actually do it...I can't promise I'll be any better, but here's to trying!

*I can not believe how fast this last year has gone by!! We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary on Sunday. How will the Hamblins celebrate you ask? DISNEYLAND! A much needed vacation for both of us, and a break from this freezing weather.

*Jake and I have both been really busy with work. Not much free time, and when we do have some time we spend it together relaxing. Apologies go out to all of my friends who I feel like I've abandoned! Please forgive me and lets hang out :) <----- seriously.

*Remember that sweet kitten posted below.... She is a HOLY TERROR! I could never imagine that such a little thing could cause so much chaos. Although, when she's not making me want to pull my hair out, she is pretty cuddly which I love. Molly can't get enough of her. The two of them are seriously best friends. Rue (the cat) must be touching Molly anytime they are sleeping, they have to eat at the same time, and I have even see them playing tug of war....

*We plan on staying in our cozy little shack another year. I miss Salt Lake though :( Next year we will probably look into buying a house, and hopefully I can talk Jake into moving further north.

(The cat is literally running across the key board every 5 seconds so this will have to do for now!)