Friday, March 5, 2010


Despite the fact that it was FREEZING half the time, we had a blast on our honeymoon! We took a cruise and our first stop was BELIZE....

It was beautiful! We went on an amazing hike through the jungle and then tubed down a river through this HUGE cave. SO FUN! Our tour guide was hilarious and nick named me and Jake Little Jaguar and Big Jaguar. We would randomly hear him shout out our "names" to make sure we were doing ok in the cave. Its pitch black in the cave so you have to wear these sweet helmets with head lamps. We also were required to wear closed toe shoes...we both showed up in sandals so we had to rent these disgusting, USED, and still wet water socks....

This is one of the ferry boats that brought us into Belize from the ship.

We wish we could have stayed there longer and will definitely be planning a trip back!

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