Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm not sure if anyone reads this anymore since I NEVER blog....I'm horrible at it. So I'm sorry if you do!! Here's a little update of the Hamblins....

We recently got home from a trip to California. It was amazing. We started off the trip in Monterey at the Hamblin beach house for a family reunion. It was fun for me to get to know a bunch of the Hamblins that I've never met before. We spent time at the Monterey Bay aquarium, the Warf, taking some cool hikes, and of course the beach! My camera was MIA for half the trip so I don't have any pictures of Monterey. I'm bummed. My most favorite part of Monterey was the awesome beach bonfire we had in Carmel. I love a good fire and smores!!!

The rest of the family headed home after a couple of days and me and Jake decided to head up to San Francisco. I had never been before and seriously could not wait!! We did and saw so many things so I won't bore you with details...but here are some pictures!

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  1. i clicked over here on a whim, not really expecting anything new, but you surprised me! nice! i've only been to san francisco once, but i loved it there. and i love the redwoods.